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Your Questions about Kids Deserve Dads Answered
May 7, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Kids Deserve Dads
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Kids Deserve Dads is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2017. Our mission is to help children and their parents maintain family harmony after divorces and improve custodial rights for fathers. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our organization.

Why is it important to get fathers more involved in their children’s lives?

Decades of research have shown that children without active fathers have less stability. Around three out of four prison inmates reportedly grew up in fatherless homes. Children without fathers are also at a greater risk of developing substance abuse and mental health problems. They have more difficulty forming lasting relationships as adults as well.

We believe that providing greater custodial rights to fathers can help rectify many of these problems.

Do men have equal rights under the family court system?

No. Only 25 states have introduced legislation to provide more equality for fathers. However, many of those bills have not been passed yet. The other 25 states have not introduced such legislation.

We are encouraged to see that lawmakers are finally starting to rectify these injustices. However, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done.

What rights does Kids Deserve Dads encourage?

The Family Court favors parental rights of mothers. We don’t intend to remove women’s custody rights. Kids Deserve Dads takes a holistic approach that addresses the lack of parental rights for men.

We believe in shared parenting, as this has been shown to be best for children and both parents. We are lobbying lawmakers across the country to change the way family courts handle custodial cases.

Other than lobbying, what other services does Kids Deserve Dads provide?

We understand that parental separation and divorce takes its toll on the entire family. It can be especially confusing for children that are struggling to navigate the new dynamics in a split family.

We offer support groups to help families get through this stressful part of their lives. These forums are safe environments for parents and children to ask questions, seek advice and get emotional support.

Kids Deserve Dads also provides events that facilitate family bonding. The goal of these events is to show children that they have a strong support network that includes both parents.

Are the services limited to fathers and their children?

Although our emphasis is on enhancing rights for caring fathers, we have no intention of leaving mothers out of the equation. We strongly believe that shared parenting is the best approach so we encourage others to benefit from our services as well. Mothers are openly invited to participate in support groups and attend events.

Is there a limit to family size or the ages of children that Kids Deserve Dads supports?

We believe in helping every family get through a divorce or separation. We feel that all children deserve the opportunity to get the necessary support.

Children of all ages are welcome to get the support our programs provide. We extend our services to families of all sizes. Whether you have one child or six that are trying to process the recent change in their family life, our support network and events are meant to help them.

How can your family get involved?

Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about our services. You are also invited to review resources on our website and social media for more guidance. We aim to offer the support your family needs.